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An Environmental Approach to Dust Control

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 6.11.2015

Traditional dust reduction can take a toll on vehicles and nearby land surfaces. Dust contamination of crops and personal injury are a couple of reasons why controlled watering of roads with high dust levels take place a couple times a day, an exhausting task for miners and road safety personnel.

There is a much more effective, cost (and time) effiicient approach to insuring a safe environment, controlling dust at your operation for regulatory requirements – and for our neighbors.


Increase Water Application Efficiency

X-Hesion Pro is a formulation of organically derived complex organic polymers. The natural polymers in this formula bind soils and base road material together, creating a water-resistant surface that provides dust control at PM10 standards. It is a highly versatile and safe substance that can be used in urban or rural areas.

Water waste negatively impacts mining businesses as well as the local communities in which they are located. In the next 20 years, water use in projected to grow by 40%, and this will create a problem for industries relying on traditional water spray methods for dust control. X-Hesion increases efficiency with each application, making this a system that many operations use for greater dust control throughout the year. A Larimer County Landfill study showed that an initial application of X-Hesion conserved water precisely due to lower water needs.


Factors Affecting Use

Although X-Hesion Pro can be used worldwide, factors that will affect use include, but are not restricted to:

  • weather
  • road base materials
  • frequency of traffic

An area experiencing more humidity or moisture will need less of the product to maintain ideal dust conditions. Hot and arid environments will require more frequent applications. Heavy rains have been shown to have little impact on the efficiency of X-Hesion Pro. Light rains are beneficial to the product.



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X-Hesion will become part of the road base over time, and pose no serious adverse effects to roads, although any concerns can be addressed with a consultation. A hot and dry day is required for initial application, which will ensure proper adhesion to road-base materials. Preferable, this application should take place when traffic can be minimized (early morning).


Understanding X-Hesion Pro

The next generation in our line of proprietary, ultra-low chloride based formulations.

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Topics: Environmental, Dust Control & Soil Stabilization, Water Conservation, Agriculture