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Need help with your snow and ice build up?

SOS® helps salt stay where you apply it and gives you immediate melting power.

Improves the ability to combat snow and ice buildup by pre-treating your salt with the industry's leading enhancer.



Get the most out of your salt 

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What's Inside

SOS® is a chemically pure and quality controlled salt and sand stockpile treatment that won’t spoil or smell over time. Leaching is decreased by pre-treating stockpiles when convenient without worrying about product loss or messy clean up. Coloring additives are available.

Learn more about its performance, application requirements, areas of usage and the benefits.

Why Use SOS®?

Using treated salt rather than untreated salt can save you both time and money. By reducing bounce and scatter, SOS® gets more salt applied where intended and where it’s the most effect. Achieve a higher level of service, safer road and reduce environmental impact by selecting SOS®.