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Need a product that stays on the road?

Mineral Melt™ granular deicer stays in place, on target,

and does not bounce or scatter.   

Melts through ice and snow faster than other products of its kind.



For clearer parking lots and driveways

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What's Inside

Mineral Melt™ is a supreme, medium-grade, granular deicer engineered to slice through ice much faster than any other product of its kind. Each high quality homogeneous chloride crystal contains a mix of magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, and sodium chloride.

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Operators reported positive results including easier brine production, and ease of use. It was noted that Mineral Melt™ “stayed in place and on target” and did not bounce and scatter.  Product usage was reduced by as much at 31% and project costs were reduced by as much as 34% compared to standard coarse grade rock salt.

“When using Mineral Melt™, we were able to maintain cleaner parking lots and driveways for a longer period of time.”

Andy Zimmerman, Luxemburg, Wisconsin