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Ice buildup on your roads?

The Ice Slicer® is a granular deicing products used to break the bond of snow and ice from roadways.  

Improves the ability to slice through ice and snow on road surfaces. 




Slice through ice even in lower temperatures

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What's Inside

Ice Slicer’s® unique blend of natural chlorides outperforms liquid anti-icing chemicals and rock salt. These products melt down ice and snow down to 5°F, a full 17°F lower than regular road salt. Ice Slicer’s® “reddish” color not only accelerates ice melt by absorbing 50% more of the sun’s radiant energy than white deicing products, it also signals to motorists that roads have been treated.

Learn more about its performance, application requirements, areas of usage and the benefits.

What People Think

“Since we started using Ice Slicer® exclusively in 1999 we have had up to a 75% reduction in material use and approximately a 50% savings in snow fighting costs per storm. We also use Ice Slicer® on our parking lots and sidewalks and have had no adverse effects to our grass or plants. In general, I think everyone is pleased with Ice Slicer® including the citizens.”

Mel Farley, Casper, Wyoming