Extend the life of your tires with products that promote good tire health and won't cause corrosion.


Liquid ballasting in tires has been an alternative to cast iron weights for many years.

It is traditionally less expensive and easier to manipulate in terms of getting the proper balance for each machine and its specific use. 

Bio-Ballast® brings all the advantages of Calcium Chloride as a liquid ballast and then some:

  • Non-Toxic, will not harm plants or animals.
  • Uses a by-product of the bio-fuel industry that enhances recycling.
  • Non-Corrosive and inhibits rust.

Tire Ballast will increase traction, pulling power and stability on any off road machine.

Bio-Ballast’s weight is comparable to other liquid ballasts. Check with your tire professional for the fill-rates of Bio-Ballast® for your specific tire size.