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Introducing AMP

The industry’s most innovative salt brine enhancer for deicing / anti-icing:

  Accelerate. Maintain. Protect. 

Greeley, CO:  Today, EnviroTech Services Inc., a leader in deicing products for more than 28 years, has announced the release of a cutting edge new salt brine enhancer that can make roads safer while reducing the costs to accomplish that.  EnviroTech’s new AMP product helps to accelerate ice melt and thereby provides drivers with improved traction on the road, maintaining safety.  AMP not only melts ice faster, but it helps the salt brine stick to the road which maintains this protection for a longer period of time thereby reducing application frequency required which lower costs significantly for large Municipalities and commercial operations.  And studies have shown that the addition of AMP helped to reduce corrosion by 70% compared to salt brine alone.

In addition to the enhancer AMP, EnviroTech has formulated a liquid pre-blended solution called Better Brine which is an optimized mix of Salt Brine and AMP.  This is ideal for those customers that do not have a briner or the capability to mix solutions on site. 

EnviroTech has tested the product for a full winter season and received strong positive customer feedback including one from Don Nelson of Glacier Snow Management in Fargo North Dakota:

“Glacier has used EnviroTech products for 10 years now and have always been impressed with their products and new innovations. This year we purchased a brine maker and we are currently using brine for anti-icing and supplemental deicing.  Our concern with using brine in our geographic location is with the extreme low temperatures we deal with (the possibility of refreeze).  This dilemma kept us from going to straight liquids for some time now.  But, after spiking our brine with 10% Amp, we were truly impressed with the results.  We were even using the brine for deicing at temps down to 10 degrees below zero air temperature. Amp gave us the peace of mind to use brine for more the just anti-icing.”

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