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Oil & Gas Wastewater as a Dust Control Agent: New Product Source or Empty Trend?

By jonathan.nelson on 3.2.2015 Oil & Gas

The domestic Oil and Gas boom has had the number of active drilling pads soar to near record levels and, prior to the softening market, had the US projected to be the largest crude producer in the world in 2015 (courtesy: dailyreckoner.com). One of the effects of the boom has been a proliferation of wastewater, and an understandable urge to put this material to use. On the surface, O&G wastewater has appeared to be a viable agent for application on roads and pads for the purposes of dust control, as it contains a significant level of sodium chloride.

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EnviroTech Services, Inc. Receives Trademark Approval For Compact & Cap™

EnviroTech Services, Inc., an industry leader in road solutions, is pleased to announce the successful trademark registration of Compact & Cap™, its proprietary approach to extending the life and effectiveness of treated dirt roads, construction sites, drilling pads, laydown yards and other areas requiring dust abatement.

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